Somerset Wing Chun Kung Fu

Wing Chun Source

We teach traditional IP MAN WING CHUN KUNG FU

As taught by:
Grandmaster Samuel Kwok

Taught directly by both of Grandmaster Ip Man's sons, Grandmaster Ip Ching and Ip Chun, the original system is preserved by Grandmaster Samuel Kwok.

Martial Arts in Weston super Mare, Taunton, Mendip and across Somerset 

Martial Arts classes in Weston super Mare, Taunton and across Somerset, SWCKF is the longest running Wing Chun organisation in Somerset and a premier source of Wing Chun training across the county.

Enjoy an ego-free, friendly, supportive environment, allowing you to develop relaxed power and automatic responses that are not based on muscular strength or athletic prowess.

This is the style where age, physique or gender is genuinely not a barrier to training or a limiting factor in your ability to employ the art.

We employ Eastern and Western mind and body training methods. We believe this is a unique training mechanism which allows you to explore and improve your mind and body connection and produce a personalised martial art which uses soft energy without being weak and hard energy without being rigid.