Somerset Wing Chun Kung Fu 


We have a well recognised Syllabus and regularly assess student's level of knowledge, understanding and practical application of tthe Wing Chun System. 

This page is a small number of photos of Assessment Certificate Awards


The above photos are two students from our Junior Student Group who are the under 18's training group which is an important group within the club.

Harry and Issy, have recently passed Siu Lim Tau assessments at their individual levels.

They have become Star Students due to their regular attendance, determination and hard work in order to gain a level of knowledge and skill to successfully pass a rigorous assessment by multiple assessors. WELL DONE!!! 

Senior Students

Senior Students are Instructor Level students who assist the Club Instructors but do not run a club of their own.

If they decide to run their own club they would automatically be awarded a full Instructor certificate.

SWCKF has a high student retention record and this mechanism avoids the situation of having a club with 80%+ Instructors, which could be intimidating for new students.

They have all been with Somerset Wing Chun Kung Fu for many years and reached a high level of knowledge and competence in the system.

Siu Lim Tau Students


Senior Students