Somerset Wing Chun Kung Fu

Training During Corona Covid-19

Students can get online and connected in 2 phases:

1. Download the Video Conferencing App and create an account using their email.

2. Connecting to a training session. Details will be supplied once you notify us that you have completed the first Phase.

I will also send you another email about Monthly Fees and the Club Bank Account to set up a Standing Order to pay monthly fees training into.

You can download the App to a computer, tablet, phone  preferably the largest device you have, so you can see the session clearly.

Downloading the App

You can get Zoom Basic (FREE) and Sign up for a FREE account

Use your email address as your ID and email .

Notify us of your account email address you used and we will send you a connection request so you get added to our Connection List.

Monthly Fees and Training

We have reduced monthly training fees to a nominal fee of £10 per month for the duration of social distancing restrictions, whilst we are not training in a hall. 

This covers Tuesday and Thursday online sessions and you can join a session after your first payment. (details will be emailed to you).

Zoom 1-2-1 and physical outdoors sessions as well as physical 1-2-1 sessions are a reduced fee, to be agreed.

Classes are small, usually 6 - 16 but generally about 10 students, so students get detailed individual attention and are able to ask questions. It is an interactive session not a video.

The virtual sessions cover:

  • Forms
  • Hand Drills
  • Footwork/Stepping Drills
  • Reaction Drills
  • Weapons

Using a methodology which has a degree of contact but from a safe social distance we can also train:

  • Contact Reaction Work
  • Pressure work
  • Controlled sparring

These can be with a family member in contact or with an external training partner whilst maintaining a safe level of social distancing.

We are close to what would be training in a hall and although none of the above replaces a 'live' opponent it goes a considerable way towards it and allows you to train the foundations of the system and what you would cover in your first year of standard training.

During lockdown restrictions you are allowed/encouraged to have a partner/family member in the session with you so that you can practice the physical contact drills, don't worry if you haven't a partner there is plenty of material and homework to practice individually as well. 

The training partner can be any reasonable age and there is no additional cost. (This will change when we are back in halls).