Somerset Wing Chun Kung Fu 

Junior Students

Somerset Wing Chun Kung Fu does NOT operate a separate Kids Class.

We allow kids to train alongside a responsible Adult, usually over 10 years old.

After they have been training for some time in the club they may attend the classes on their own BUT this is usually over 15's or in exceptional circumstances if agreed between the club and the parents.

Bill McKay holds an NSPCC a Child Protection in Sport and Physical Activity Certificate, has undergone an Enhanced DBS check and the club adopts the AMA Child Protect Policy and Safeguarding measures as a basis for Safeguarding within the club. 

Student Application Form

Prospective students must fill in an application form to provide Somerset Wing Chun with essential contact and other information.

Existing students must renew the form at appropriate intervals or when their information changes.

Application Forms are provided to new students and in the CLUB-SHARE Folder for existing students.

Club Policies


H&S Policy


In addition we maintian a Junior Student Policy which 

Above are available on request.


Risk Assessments

We maintain Risk Assessments for:

Empty Hand Training

Weapons Training

as well as

At Risk Individuals - Risk Assessments

Copies of these are in the Club Share

All students and instructors to Read and Comply.


A current list of Students and Insurance renewal dates is maintained in the CLUB-SHARE >> INSURANCE-GENERAL Folder. Ensure you check regularly and kept your insurance up to date.