Somerset Wing Chun Kung Fu


Somerset Wing Chun Policy with respect to Junior Students is:

Personal Safety

We take the safety of Junior Students seriously and require that parents/guardians are fully aware of their responsibilities.

  • Aged 10-13 - Must be accompanied by a training adult.
  • Aged 14-16 - After assessment may be permitted to train without a training adult.

Parents/Guardian Responsibilities:

  • Parents/Guardians of unaccompanied juniors must make arrangements for their child to be dropped off and picked up to avoid the junior having to hang around the venue unsupervised.

Instructors will not take the responsibility of supervising juniors outside class times and especially after a class has ended.

Junior Student Numbers:

In order to maintain a balance of training, the number of Juniors will be limited to a percentage of overall class numbers.

Current Junior students will continue training under their existing arrangements BUT all prospective new Juniors may be required to go on a waiting list.


  • It is the responsibility of the Junior’s parent/guardian to ensure their child is insured, as soon as possible after the initial free lesson, when the Junior commits to training.

Failure to insure means the student cannot train and therefore training would be withdrawn.