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8 cutting Butterfly Sword/Knife - Bart Cham Dao

In power and energy terms the Baat Cham Dao are the dumb bells of the Wing Chun system.

They develop the specific muscles in the wrist, arms, upper body, back, waist and legs associated with delivering power / energy.

By learning to deliver power beyond the physical extent of the hands this training expands and improves that which was developed in the previous boxing forms.

In conjunction with Saam Bok Ma (Triangle stepping) footwork the practice of the form adds a new dimension to the Wing Chung practitioners movement and ability to deliver power and energy

The 8 cutting broad swords or butterfly knives are in fact arm length broadswords and the form consists of eight sections.

The usage practiced can be applied to any weapon, either double or single.

Knives Support Documents

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Bart Cham Dao - Butterfly Knives