Somerset Wing Chun Kung Fu   

MMA and Bare Knuckle

In the last number of years the advent and popularity of MMA has increased.

The discussions in Martial Arts usually ends up with the statement:

'If xyz martial art is any good then why isn't it used/tested in the ring/cage etc'.

Wing Chun is a traditional martial art and Somerset Wing Chun trains it for Self Protection as opposed to sport BUT a number of exponents of Wing Chun train and use it in UFC/MMA and other arenas.

Adam Gregory, Tony Ferguson, Jon Jones & Anderson Silva all train Wing Chun and have successfully used the skills developed in the ring/cage.

It has also been trained and used to good effect in traveller/gypsy bare knuckle bouts.

I don't mention this to say that Wing Chun is any better than any other martial art but simply to negate the standard statement mentioned above.

You have to respect the skills and abilities of MMA exponents in the same way you should respect the skills and abilities of other martial arts, where time and effort have been invested in developing skills and abilities.

Personally I have very little interest in, commercial MMA, although I and most of our students have trained a wide variety of martial arts over the years.