Somerset Wing Chun Kung Fu

Jake's Story

After boxing at school I trained in Tang Soo Do, Aikido and Ju Jitsu before attending Bristol Shaolin Wu-Shu. My daughter was a very timid 14 year-old, struggling with confidence and finding school and socialising hard, so I took her to classes with me hoping that it would help.

Deteriorating health made it increasingly difficult to travel to Bristol so my Wu-Shu teacher recommended a closer option, Wing Chun class in WSM.

We joined Bill’s class over ten years ago and although my girl was initially reluctant, Bill’s relaxed manner, knowledge and attention to detail made the training fun and the simple effectiveness of the style left us both wanting more.

My girl began to look forward to classes and began to look up not gaze at the floor. To overcome her shyness Bill encouraged her to demonstrate forms at the front of the class, explaining that regular careful controlled exposure to things that she was fearful of would desensitise her fear reactions, an old military technique.

She learned to hit hard and take a dig from her dad without it worrying her. Her confidence continued to grow as did her skill level and Bill certified her to teach when she reached the standard required.

With her increased confidence she went off to university, something I thought I’d never see and is now completing her degree in engineering.

She teaches Wing Chun whilst at uni and keeps up her training with Bill via video conferencing. She regularly kicks her dad around when she gets home.

Because of my health, Bill has helped me adapt my fighting to cater for my lack of fitness and my rapid gassing out. He has helped me over frustration when I couldn’t train the way I wanted or was previously used to.

During lockdown Bill has kept the class going via Zoom, even starting new students and has kept me challenged while confined, setting challenges to integrate new skills and training.

Wing Chun is simple to learn and use but challenging to master. I love to train when I can and still enjoy the benefits of Bill’s teaching. Far and above what I get from it is what the class has given my daughter.