Somerset Wing Chun Kung Fu   

Monthly Training Fees


NO AD HOC Pay-As-You-Go.

NO EXPENSIVE UNIFORMS (the only uniform is a club t-shirt).

NO ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP Fee - The only fixed annual charge to students is for their Insurance cover. 

Somerset Wing Chun Kung Fu operates a simple monthly training fees system at a level which makes training very affordable.

!!!!!!!SPECIAL OFFER!!!!!! - to Prospective/First time students - a block of 6 lessons for £20 to be used over whatever time frame suits you. - Thereafter you can choose to continue at the standard monthly fee or not. This makes a great present for family or friends. !!!!!!!!!!

We operate FAMILY and GROUP Discounts on Monthly fees based on payment by Standing Order. This gives families and groups relatively low cost training compared to other local training options.

Standing Order into the club bank account (details will be supplied) are on a day of the month that suits the person making the payment.

We absorb the additional costs of 5 week months.

The options for individuals based on a bank Standing Order arrangement are:

  • Tuesday or Thursday evenings - £20 per calendar month.
  • Both Tuesday and Thursday or any mix of Tuesday and/or Thursday - £30 per calendar month.

Reduction to payments will be made where students make prior notified periods of absence (holidays, working away etc).

Students have the flexibility to attend at the agreed frequency or not at their own convenience.

Additional Costs to Students:

Club T-shirt - £10

Student Insurance - £10 per year payable after 6 sessions.