Somerset Wing Chun Kung Fu


In addition to the Standard WC

Luk Dim Boon Kwun and Bart Cham Dao

The weapons covered in training by Somerset Wing Chun Kung Fu include Weapons of Opportunity:

Flexible Weapons - Belt, Rope and Chain

Short Weapons (under 6 Ft used double handed or Single handed) - Walking Cane/Umbrella/Short Pole/Stick/Rolled up Magazine/Bottle (Plastic or Glass)/Short knife

Stick/Pole over 50 inches - Used in a similar way to Luk Dim Boon Kwun.

Support Material

The following are in the CLUB-SHARE

Short Weapons

  • 23 Angle Flow
  • Blocks Using Double/Single Hand hold

Co-ordination Drills

  • 3 Beat Drill
  • 3 Beat Drill - Variation
  • 4 Beat Drill
  • 4 Beat Drill - Inverted