Somerset Wing Chun Kung Fu 

Self Defence

In addition to the Boxing/Unarmed forms and WC Martial Arts Weapons 

Luk Dim Boon Kwun and Bart Cham Dao

We also research competence in the use of items that may come to hand in a confrontation.

It is important that we do not carry any offensive or defensive weapons in preparation for, or in fear of, a confrontation. (See the section on Law in the UK below.)

But having competence in the use of day-to-day items that may be available within the environment gives an additional level of confidence, should a confrontation arise where the opponent has a weapon.


Flexible Items - Belt, Rope and Chain

Short Items (under 120 cm) - Walking Cane - Umbrella - Stick - Rolled up Magazine or Bottle (Plastic or Glass)

Stick/Pole (over 120 cm) - Brush/Mop Shaft or similar which are capable of being used in a similar way to Luk Dim Boon Kwun.


It is illegal to carry any type of offensive weapon in the UK nor is it legal to carry any kind of self-defence weapon.

Carrying an offensive weapon in public is illegal in the UK and the student should make themselves aware of the most up to date legislation.

Although individuals may legally own certain weapons within the confines of their own home they would be charged with an offence if they used it against an intruder or other individual within their home.

If attacked the individual may use 'reasonable force', as they perceive it, to defend themselves.

Where it is reasonable, to stop the attacker or escape from them, everyday items that come to hand may be used.

Individuals are not permitted to carry items with the intent to use them for other than their everyday use.

The term ‘offensive weapon’ is defined as: ’any article made or adapted for use to cause injury to the person, or intended by the person having it in their possession for such use’.

There are 3 types of offensive weapon described:

  • Weapons – (this includes defensive weapons like a collapsible baton).
  • Improvised Weapons (items like a homemade cosh).
  • Dual Use Items (Anything from a brick to a screwdriver) In this category the prosecution would have to show that the individual didn’t have a legitimate reason for carrying the item. There is also the issue of proving intent.

Individuals should always be in a position to justify that possession of any item on their person was for a legitimate reason and that the use of that item in their defence or in reaching for an item within the environment was reasonable in response to the perceived threat/risk.

Fear of attack is not an acceptable reason.


Support Material

The following are in the CLUB-SHARE

Short Weapons

  • 23 Angle Flow
  • Blocks Using Double/Single Hand hold

Co-ordination Drills

  • 3 Beat Drill
  • 3 Beat Drill - Variation
  • 4 Beat Drill
  • 4 Beat Drill - Inverted