Somerset Wing Chun Kung Fu 

Club Rules



For the safety of students and the smooth running of classes we kindly require all students adhere to:


1.     The Club Rules 

2.     The requirements of Somerset Wing Chun Kung Fu Risk Assessment(s) and

  • Somerset Wing Chun - Risk Assessment - GENERAL ACTIVITIES
  • Somerset Wing Chun - Risk Assessment - WEAPONS

PDF copies are located in the CLUB-SHARE.


A breach of these may result in training being withheld:

•        Students must ensure that their Insurance is current.

•        Students must pay their monthly training fees promptly.

•        Students must ensure they inform the instructor of new injuries or medical conditions.

•        Students must listen to and follow the instructions of the class Instructor at all times.

•        Students must ensure fingernails are trimmed and hands are clean.

•        Students must wear clean, appropriate clothing to class.

•        Students should show respect to each other, themselves and the class Instructor.

•        Students must not drink alcohol or take drugs (including illegal performance enhancing drugs) before or during class.

•        No food is to be consumed during class time and chewing of gum is prohibited.

•        All mobile devices must be switched off or set to silent during class time.

•        Filming and taking of photos is strictly prohibited without the express permission of the instructors.

•        Bullying or abuse of any kind will not be tolerated in the class and any students displaying this type of conduct will be expelled immediately.

•        Students must not use Wing Chun, except in emergencies or for self-protection or the protection of others.

•        Training is provided at the discretion of the instructor and their decision is final.