Somerset Wing Chun Kung Fu

Empty Hand Forms

Siu Lim Tao

Siu Lim Tao places the body weapons in relation to the practitioner’s Centreline.

It promotes the exercise of relaxation, focus and concentration whilst building a strong structure from the ground up through the joints to the contact point.



Chum Kiu

Chum Kiu introduces turning and aligning our weapons with respect to the opponent. It also introduces the preliminary kicks of the system.

Biu Tze

Biu Tse or Gau Gup Sao (first Aid Hand/Arm) gives methods of recovery of the centreline when it is lost due to poor execution og SLT and CK or the skill of the opponent.

It generally works 'off the line' as opposed to on it.


Muk Jang Jong

The Dummy form consists of 8 Sections, only the first 2 are balanced Left and Right.

The other 6 would need to be drilled, Left and Right start, in order to fully cover the form (14 sections).

The dummy is the never tiring training partner who stands there all day whilst you practice your techniques.

However, take note that the dummy doesn't move so you have to, in execution with a live opponent you may not need to move and the techniques delivered high or low could be inter-changed.

Support Material

All Syllabus Sheets covering all of the Empty Hand Forms are in the CLUB-SHARE

PDF sheets of Drills are in the DRILLS FOLDER