Somerset Wing Chun Kung Fu 

Tai Chi

Wing Chun in common with Tai Chi has benefits in relaxation, calming the mind and sinking stance/rooting but the methodology and application is different between the styles.

Tai Chi is a great style but the majority of Tai Chi training has moved away from its martial foundation and although there are many lifestyle instructors, good teachers of the martial practice are very hard to find.

There are excellent, highly skilled exponents of the martial art but even study under one of these instructors may take students many years of practice to make its exponents anywhere near effective in modern violent scenarios.

The chances that the physical and mental skillset of a student studying only one of the health benefits/lifestyle styles translating to a martial usage is very low.

We would recommend the study of Tai Chi generally for the benefits it brings and we have counted many Tai Chi Instructors as long term Wing Chun students, including 2 Chen Style Instructors, one having 35 years and the other 20+ years experience, who recognized the benefits of including Wing Chun practice in their personal training programs.

Where students are restricted in time and frequency of available practice time but want their study to form part of a self protection skillset this recommends Wing Chun as the most efficient and effective use of their time, as it maintains its martial basis, is practiced predominately for self protection and provides more immediate results in a shorter timescale.

Body relaxation and a calm mind are a key bi-product of the training regime and exposure to physically violent scenarios is part of the desensitizing practice of the system, making students proficient in 6-12 months and building a more efficient skillset thereafter.